We promote healthier living in many ways.  Our main focus is to provide safe, clean drinking water to families in remote villages throughout Nepal, who, wiithout this help, have no other option than to drink contaminated water, contributing to the death each year of over 44,000 children under the age of 5.

We provide toilets, safe drinking water and washing facilities in the slum areas.

We have hygiene clinics where we teach things as simple as washing of hands and we provide antibacterial soap.




We believe education is the key to a brighter future. We run the Jeevan Jyoti school in Kohalpur.  It is a new school, growing in numbers every year.  We currently have over 200 pupils, half of whom are on scholarships through Lincs2nepal.

We also run education projects at our 75 friends school and in Rajena village, reaching children who have no chance of an education.



Our work isn't just about the children, we also work with the parents, running adult education classes and women's empowerment groups and ultimately with communities.

As we empower more people, then the community benefits and becomes stronger. We also develop the community by building toilets, school/community projects like 75 friends, communal meeting and washing areas and shelter during the monsoon season.




We believe that the best way to achieve long term positive change is through education, empowerment programmes, vocational training, health education and care and financial independence initiatives. We work in the areas of greatest need where no other education is available, to the poorest and most marginalised lower caste people.

To provide assistance, aid and opportunity, through education,  to oppressed, marginalised and disadvantaged lower caste communities in Nepal, in particular children.



To further the provision of healthcare and social rights for those to whom such opportunities have previously been denied due to poverty, family circumstances or oppression.



To create a safer environment for all children and to provide support and encouragement to help improve their living and social conditions in order to help them realise their potential as individuals.




Lincs2Nepal was set up in January 2009 by Garry Goddard to continue his work with some of Nepal’s most marginalised people.  The charity has been involved in various projects over the last 6 years and helped many people but the focus is now very much on helping the lower caste Tharu people living in villages around the town of Kohalpur in Western Nepal who, without our assistance, don’t have access to education. The main thing that we have learnt while working primarily with children and women is that we can provide shelter, food, clothes, love and understanding, but the only thing that truly makes a difference long term and offers a real chance and a brighter future is education - not just a token education but a quality, life changing education that will enable them to access opportunities that would otherwise be beyond reach.


Lincs2Nepal then worked for 2 years in partnership with an organisation called “Next Generation Nepal” and helped to close down 2 illegally run children’s homes. We also spent time providing for   90 trafficked children in The City of Lincoln Children’s Home  and reconnected  them with their families.


We have also provided much needed support and resources for the Schree Mancha school in Dulikhel, The Spowc School in Kathmandu and The Bangesal School in Lumbini. We provided equipment for a children’s home called Saritas Safe Haven and for 3 years paid all of the running costs of The Morning Star pre-school and day care centre in Kathmandu, which looked after and educated up to 60 desperately poor children, six days a week. We paid all of these costs until the centre was able to raise its own funds and become independent.


We have also awarded scholarships to various desperate children including 5 children living in a HIV centre.


Since arriving in Kohalpur in 2013, we finished the build on the partially completed  Jeevan Jyoti School, a school offering quality education for children from all castes. We opened in April 2014 with 138 children, half of whom are lower caste Tharu children on scholarships provided by us.


We have also built the '75 Friends' school and community hall in Shanti Nagar slum area and set up education programmes, women’s empowerment training groups and adult education classes.


2014 also saw us set up an education programme and women’s empowerment group in the village of Rajena, another Tharu village.


In addition to providing scholarships for primary school children, we are providing college scholarships for several older girls who have become orphaned or are trafficking survivors. Once these girls have finished their education, we will then employ them to help with our projects.



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